Today I brought you 15 GB of Schlumberger Softwares and tutorials 

The file contain the following sofwars
AquiferTest Pro 2011.1 v4.4
Hydro GeoAnalyst v2011.1 Beta v7.0.10
Hydro GeoBuilder 2009.1 v1.1.94.0
Oil Field Manager 2012.1
Petrel 2011.2(32bit) & Petrel 2013.2(64bit) + DemoData + Tutorials videos (6.6GB)
PetroMod v11 (32bit) and PetroMod 2012.2 (64bit)
PIPESIM v2009.1
Schlumberger AquaChem v2011.1.40
Schlumberger Drilling 10 CD's
Schlumberger Eclipse Simulation (2009 & 2010) + Tutorials
Schlumberger FracCADE v5.41
Schlumberger Logging Tools
Schlumberger MODFLOW Flex 2012.1 (32bit & 64bit)
Schlumberger Visual MODFLOW 2011.1 v4.6.0.159
Schlumberger SPAN Rock v9.1.5
Schlumberger Visual HELP v2.2.0.2
Schlumberger I-Handbook version
Techlog 2011.2.2 revision 100227 (32bit & 64bit) + Video Tutorials
LogDataToobox 2.3_Setup
Dataview - blueview - PDSView 3.3
Span v8.0 + IRIS Instruments Electre Pro v2.02

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