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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fishing tool Manual

Book nameFishing tool Manual


Language: English

Number of pages: 162 Pages

price: Free

Size: 3 MB


Table of Contents
Alphabetical Listing of Tools 
Cardinal Rules of Pipe Recovery
Mud Properties for FishingCardinal Rules of Fishing 
Field Use Formulas 
Four Elements of Effective Jarring Operation
Stuck Pipe Situations
General Operational Comments on Fishing Tools
Cased Hole Fishing: Recommended Overshot/Washpipe/Cutter
Recommended Drill Pipe & Drill Collars for Open Hole & Cased Hole
Manual Stretch Calculations Based on Young’s Modulus
Buoyancy Factor
Demonstration of Buoyancy 
String Shot Rod; Free Point Tool
Pipe Recovery Log34
Pipe Recovery Log with Gamma Ray Log in Conjunction
Differential Temperature Log
Chemical Cutters
Freepoint Indicators 
Baker Atlas Chemical Cutter 
Pipe Recovery Systems: Selection Guide F/Wedge Type Chemical Cutter 
Pipe Recovery Systems: Selection Guide F/Direct Action Chemical Cutter
Pipe Recovery Systems: Chemical Cutter Temperature and Pressure Ratings 
Jet Cutters
Tools for Fishing Junk – Quiz 
Tools for Fishing Junk – Answers 
Fishing Wire-Line / Not Parted 
Cable Guide Fishing Method
Fishing Wire-Line / Parted 


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